Oludeniz... Wining and Dining... or just a snack.


Oludeniz...Wining and Dining...or just a snack.

Oludeniz today has a complete gourmet choice of different cuisines. The East Mediterranean is the home of the Olive, the Aubergine, the Vine and of those crispy honeyed Baklava. Turkish Cuisine at its best offers the famous kebabs, mezes,salads, and charcoal baked 'pide' with a filling of your choice.

If you do not feel that you have to eat Turkish then there are Italian, Chinese, Mexican and Indian chefs who cook the specialities of their homelands.

If however you are really missing your plainer English cooking there are English style menus as well.

As portions in all restaurants are more than ample, children can always ask for kids portions.

If you are just after a quick snack, queue up at the Doner Man, who will offer you tender lamb with a choice of fillings in Pide bread or a Wrap.

If Seafood is your priority there are several restaurants which can be recommended.

What about the Wine List...Though Raki is the traditional drink to accompany a meal, many people now drink Wine. And where better a place to enjoy a good wine with a bouquet.

Do you wish to be able to taste before deciding ? Visit the Wine House, where in the 'Mahzen' (cellar) you choose from an array of wines, from Sauvignon Cabernet or Merlot, to sparkling white Reislings, also organic and fruit wines. There is much to learn in Oludeniz and much to taste.

Not sure where to eat tonight? You can search restaurants by location, cuisine and more. Need inspiration? Check our restaurant lists, grouped by top ten, cuisines, area and best for.

Looking for somewhere to have your birthday, wedding reception or a special occasion. Look at our venues section to find the perfect location for you.


Bars & Clubs in Oludeniz Area.

Everyone enjoys a good night out and luckily the Fethiye area has plenty of places to go and entertainment to suit most tastes!

For a relaxed evening watching a glorious sunset, washing a good meal down with your favourite cocktail and dancing under the stars, head to one of the popular beach front bars in Oludeniz or Calis. The beach resorts have few large night venues. You won't find the large throbbing nightspots of Bodrum or Marmaris here.

Nightlife in Oludeniz and Calis tends to revolve around the restaurants and bars that turn into dancing haunts after around 10.30pm. Many run regular party nights, themed nights and occasional guest DJ's or live music. Amuse yourself with a few drinks and some good company until early morning. Local laws limit loud music in residential areas unless soundproofed therefore most bars on the beach reduce their volume at midnight, and shut it off completely at 2am. There are a few exceptions to the rule in each resort. See our specific resort guides or follow the party crowds if looking to stay out longer.

By far the liveliest resort in the region is Hisaronu on the hill just a few minutes bus ride from Oludeniz. Here is where you will find the majority of late night drinking and dancing. Hisaronu is packed full of bars, restaurants, nightclubs and even a live music venue where you can enjoy all manner of entertainment until daybreak.

Fethiye isn't your average resort and, as the region's main town, it does offer a more varied nightlife. The promenade along the harbour front is full of new restaurants and bars, some featuring live music (normally traditional in style). Turks love to wile away an evening drinking tea, Efes beer or Raki while they listen to local musicians playing Turkish hits and folk songs. The Old Town of Paspatur also has lively bars and a couple of nightclubs open until daybreak. Just follow the music, see our guide or ask a local where to go to enjoy a thoroughly good night in town!