Walking in the mountains behind Oludeniz is some of the most beautiful scenery in the Taurus range. Below the tree line and winter snow are the yayla (highland plateaus).

Falling away from them; canyons, gorges and passes, down which in spring the melting snow rushes. Many of these gorges were important trade routes, some still in use, some completely forgotten, though all at one time jealousy guarded.

The scenery is dramatic: extensive pine and cedar forest, outcrops of juniper and plane and varied maquis are topped by the impressive Babadag mountain; often snowcapped until May. Until recently the tracks between villages were for donkeys and pack animals and these tracks can still now be followed, describing meandering and varied terrain instead of the direct vehicle roads which replaced them.

For more information and photos, visit the website of Black Tree Cottages, based in Karaagac Village on the Lycian Way.