The Kabak Bay

The Kabak Bay

The Kabak bay 25 km from Fethiye is reached via Oludeniz by dolmus, taxi or car. The whole journey takes approximately one hour. Dolmus schedules may be infrequent at many times of the year. Sharing a taxi would be the best way to get there. There are no shops ATM etc.

Kabak offers alternative accommodation, a shaded sandy beach, walking trails along the shoreline and most importantly nature galore?.all the flora of the East Mediterranean have nestled undisturbed in the valley over many many generations. Karstic springs erupt out of the Limestone to feed the plant-life that requires extra humidity. The bay has always been popular. Here Lycians erected high pillar tombs to their heroes, here the early Christians anchored on their touristic pilgrimage from Europe to Jerusalem. The Byzantine inhabitants fed them, watered them and sent them happily on their way?.and today the valley and its inhabitants extend the same welcome all who wish to relax and chill out mediterranean style. ?you maybe!. The beach is quite narrow and thus may be crowded and somewhat overpriced in mid-season. The best time to visit is spring or autumn.

For Walkers the section of the Lycian Way trail from Kabak to Alinca is one of the most popular in Western Lycia.

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